Guide to buying an IR Thermometer and using it effectively

Guide to buying an IR Thermometer and using it effectively


Remember those days when you faked a fever and dipped the thermometer into hot water to make the temperature rise? All so that you could bunk school! Or those days when children experimented with thermometers on the sly, to try and get the mercury out? While these are some good old memories, thermometers have advanced with the growing number of viral infections.

Gone are the days when you had to tuck the mercury or digital thermometer under your arm for 60 seconds to know how unwell you are. Or the effort of disinfecting the thermometer with alcohol after every use.

Today, we have advanced Infrared Thermometers which can tell you your body temperature without any physical contact that too in just 1 second. However as is the case with any new technology, one must be aware of how to figure out which is the best tech as well as a genuine product. We at Tushti India strive to bring this awareness among consumers and this article will guide you on how to buy a good, effective, and genuine IR Thermometer and also explain how to use one.

How to buy a good IR Thermometer?

There are many characteristics of a good IR Thermometer. With the recent Corona Virus pandemic, there has been a sudden surge in the supply of IR Thermometers in the market. As a consumer, you can look for the following features while picking one out –

  1. IR vs Digital Thermometer – It is important to know the difference. Digital thermometers are ones which need the sensor to touch the skin surface to record the temperature. IR thermometers are non-contact thermometers that use infrared rays to measure body temperature and then display the result on a digital screen. Beware of sellers trying to pass off a digital thermometer as an IR Thermometer.
  2. Accuracy – This is a very important feature in an IR Thermometer. Of course, when you are buying a brand new product, it is difficult to gauge its accuracy. In such a scenario always opt for a trusted brand for IR Thermometers.
  3. Warranty – Gadgets are prone to getting spoilt or having some technical glitches. Always opt for products that come with the assurance of a replacement warranty.
  4. Certifications –To be assured of the fact that you are buying only genuine and high-quality IR Thermometer, always go for products with the medical certifications. Look for a certificate of compliance from bodies like FDA, WHO, or ISO.
  5. Made In India – Poor quality and imported products are dime a dozen. You might get attracted by the low priced product only to be disappointed with its equally low quality of functioning which you cannot exchange or file a complaint against. Help strengthen the Indian economy by buying only Made in India products that give you complete customer support as well as quality assurance.
  6. Response Time: Is the IR Thermometer truly advanced to give you a response time of 3 - 5 seconds? Always check how efficiently the device can record the temperature and from what distance.
  7. Other Features: The above features are a must-have and besides, you can also look for features like memory, which can allow you to save past temperature readings, or ability to switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit or ease of use and usage to record body temperature as well as other surface temperature.

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How to use an IR Thermometer?

Tushti’s IR Thermometer is very easy to use. It is a ‘point and shoot’ methodology where you need to hold the device about 6 inches away from the forehead or arm and press down the lever to record and display the body temperature. You can long-press the lever to switch between degrees Celsius or Fahrenheit. Use the ‘mode button’ to switch between object or body temperature.

Average normal body temperature is generally accepted as 98.6°F or 36°C. If your temperature readings are above 100°F or 37.7°C then you have a high temperature and can consult a doctor.

Watch this video to see how to use Tushti’s IR Thermometer effectively

A good IR Thermometer is an investment in your safety and wellbeing – something you should never compromise on. Buy only genuine and user recommended products.

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