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Sood Charity Foundstion - Tushti Foundation Oxygen Concentrator Donation

Ensuring The Nation’s Well-Being: Tushti International signs on Actor Sonu Sood as the face of the company’s new range of Oximeters & Infrared Thermometers

On 27th August 2020, Tushti International Pvt. Ltd. is launching its range of 100% made-in-India Oximeters & Infrared Thermometers. Tushti has joined hands with India’s beloved actor Sonu Sood, who has been doing commendable philanthropic work amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Together, Tushti and Sonu Sood hope to educate people across the country about the correct use of these medical devices and how they are vital in monitoring one’s health, especially during the Unlock period. Tushti promises to break through the clutter of unbranded or imported products of cheap quality dominating the market, thereby joining the bandwagon of being #VocalForLocal. The company’s genuine, high-accuracy medical devices are backed by international certifications, and are completely homegrown.

Amidst the massive arsenal against coronavirus - masks, sanitisers and social distancing, Tushti and Sonu Sood urge the citizens of the country to adopt additional precautionary measures against the outbreak. As the country adapts to the ‘new normal’ during Unlock, people are now more exposed to the external environment, which has made oximeters and infrared thermometers the need of the hour. When used together, oximeters and IR thermometers can read three vital signs routinely monitored by medical professionals to gauge the functioning of a body - body temperature, pulse rate and respiration rate. These devices are cost-efficient and easy to use, and can help detect certain symptoms of COVID-19. Thus, making them pertinent in monitoring one’s health regularly.